About Us

LASERPAIR CO., LIMITED is a high tech company specialize in laser safety and located in Shenzhen, China. We provide protection work for home and abroad customers on laser safety from 2009. Our laser glasses are widely used in laser industry, laser medical treatment, and laser research, etc.,

Now our products line including Laser Safety Glasses, IPL Safety Goggle, Laser Safety Window, Sodium Light Glasses etc., We walk on the leading edge of laser safety and keepresearching and developing all the time....more



Typical for: 532nm

Transmittance: 50%

O.D5+ @ 200 - 540nm

L-Rating: 315 - 540nm DIRM LB5

GHP Laser Safety Glasses

Protect Wavelength: 200 - 540nm

Available: 266nm, 355nm, 405nm,532nm etc.,

Application: Green Laser Protection



Typical for: 635nm

Transmittance: 50%

O.D4+ @ 600 - 700nm

L-Rating: 620 - 700nm DIR LB4

RHP Laser Safety Glasses

Protect Wavelength: 600 - 700nm

Available: 635nm, 650nm, 694nm etc.,

Application: Red Laser Protection


Typical for: 635nm&808nm&980nm

Transmittance: 30%

O.D2+ @ 630 - 660nm

O.D5+ @ 800 - 1100nm

L-Rating: 630 – 660nm DIR LB2

                800 – 1100nm DIR LB5

RTD-3 Laser Safety Glasses

Protect Wavelength: 630 - 660nm & 800 - 1100nm

Available: 635nm, 808nm, 980nm etc.,

Application: Red and Diode Laser Protection

Laser Development History                                                                                                                                                                               Laser originated in the 1960s, but the principle of retroactive can be as early as 1916, which was found by the famous physicist Albert Einstein. It is come from the first letter of “Light Amplification By Stimulated Emission Of Radiation”. In just a few decades of development, the application of the laser had throughout all industries and fields, including laser marking, laser rangefinder, laser radar, laser cutting, laser vision correction, laser beauty, etc.,